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Thali are award winning Indian restaurants and eco tiffin takeaway food in Bristol

Thali Restaurant Montpelier

 A fresh bid has been launched to keep the long-running chain alive, as former head chef Ramesh Prasad reopened the Montpelier site under the company name AR Junoon LTD

“Probably the best Indian cuisine I’ve ever had. Absolutely yum. A tad expensive but you really do get a super unique food experience. Works great for either a chill meal with friends or equally for a special date.”

Michael Middleton 

Ramesh Prasad at the Thali restaurant in Montpelier (Image: Michael Lloyd Photography)

“Menu will remain unchanged and things will be taken ‘back to basics’, how Thali was when it first started out.”

What is THALI ?


Thali showcases the hero dishes of the subcontinent from the back streets of Bombay to the beach shacks of Goa.

The Thali Restaurant 

Thali started as a street food truck at Glastonbury Festival after founder Jim Pizer travelled to India and fell in love with the food.

The parallels between Thali’s make-shift beginnings and the atmosphere, attitude and spirit of India offers a unique interpretation of Indian food.


While visiting Bristol, we decided to taste the authentic Indian food. After searching for many places we came across The Thali Restaurant. The ambience was nice. You would find Old Bollywood movie posters framed on wall. Slow retro Bollywood song playing in background. Though menu does not have many options but it was good. We enjoyed Samosa as starters and Thali as main course. Being Vegetarian finding a good taste is difficult. It was not the case here. The food was authentic Indian and we enjoyed every bite of The thali. Do visit this place for the authentic home made Indian food.

Aman Mishra

Our Dosa Queen

Chef Asha is popularly known as the Dosa queen at the Thali Restaurant. She makes the most delicious Dosa in Bristol. We can confidently say this, if you think any different then we care certain that you have not tried the Dosas made my our Asha. 

The words female Indian head chef are rarely seen in the same sentence as UK kitchens are male dominated places and in India female participation in the workforce is very low. Household chores including cooking, constitute a women’s work and the role of chef is not always a welcome one.

In the transition from family hearth to Thali production kitchen, Asha brought her family recipes with her, passed down through the generations from mother to daughter. Asha’s recipes clearly differentiate the Thali’s menu from the average high street curry house who prioritise profit over provenance. The legacy of family cooking is evident in Asha’s consideration for feeding Thali customers the very best food possible; carefully choosing seasonal, local, free-range and organic produce.

Asha fell in love with the Thali straight away as it reminded her of her father’s thali restaurant in her hometown, a rural part of India north of Derrida. It was here that Asha learnt the restaurant trade from her father (Thali’s ‘Masala Fried-Potatoes’ are inspired by Asha’s father’s recipe) and the family recipe book from her mother.

Asha’s husband Ramesh Prasad also works in the Thali kitchen. When we claim that the food is cooked with love, we do mean that.



Thali Resturant Gallary 

To say it’s been a tumultuous few years for the Thali Café would be an understatement.
Bristol Live 2019

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